About Us

How It Started

In 2018, Jon Pallitto began his fitness journey as a personal trainer wanting to change people's lives for the better. His personable demeanor combined with his training style positively impacted hundreds of people's lives. That gave him a life changing purpose to continue coaching and encouraging others to help impact the world. Soon after, Morphit was founded. 

Whats the meaning behind Morphit?

Simply put: to get more-fit or to morph yourself into a better version of you. In today's society, people are experiencing various medical conditions. Did you know by just getting active once or a few times a day can improve your cognitive function, such as walking, jogging, or moderate exercising? Physical activity can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression as well as improve your sleep at night. Morphit gear is not just any apparel. When you gear up, you are sending a message stating that you are supporting a brand that is promoting a healthier lifestyle.  

Our Gear

Our apparel is a handpicked, custom designed style, with a contouring comfortable fit to keep you staying cool and looking at your best! Fashion and performance combined! 

Our Mission Statement:

As a team, we will connect, reach out, and reveal each others truest potential.  

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